Web Newbie Know How Network - Social Network with Step by Step Howto Help for Newbie Web Entreprenenurs
-- - - -Social Network with Step by Step Howto Help for Newbie Web Entreprenenurs

Web Newbie Know How Network - Social Network with Step by Step Howto Help for Newbie Web Entreprenenurs

What do members have to say about this Network?

"Thank you for this network. I like what I see." - Theresa

"LaShanda I am so happy I joined. I have been reading like there is no tomorrow. It has really changed my approach." - Tanai

"I like the fact that this network is focused on improving our web visibility and all things related on online business." - CeeCee

"I think this idea was brilliant! I have been patting myself on the back daily since I joined. I think this was a great investment." - Arlice

"I'm loving it so far. With my post in the Member Microscope forum, I received so many appreciated suggestions and ideas to work with. And it's great to see others jump in." - Nita

"I have to be honest and admit that I have an aversion to "networks" devoted to business development related topics, but all the things I that I have issue with I am not finding here. LaShanda, this network is very helpful, and I glad I got in on the ground floor." - TurquoizBlue

"This is a phenomenal network and was a much needed one and I am glad to be a part of it and I am still learning so much from you and the others too." - Charlene

You have been invited to join the Web Newbie Know How Network

If you are serious about building your business online but you are new to the internet this network is for you. I created the Web Newbie Know How Network for Novice web entrepreneurs interested in learning how to build their business online. From Internet Marketing Strategies to Web Design Tips and more, this space is THE Place for newbies to get step by step information and ASK the questions without DESPERATELY searching for the answers.

WNKN Network Admin,
LaShanda Henry

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Each Month You Will Learn Something New About How to improve your Web Skills and Build your Web Business. There will be a monthly Target Topic, how-to help focused on a series of web topics, some of which include:

* Web Development
* Internet Marketing
* Social Media
* Social networking
* Blogging
* Attracting New Clients
* Tapping into Your Niche
* Reaching Your Target Audience
* Making Money Online
* And More

Each Month Members Receive

* One Free eBook by LaShanda Henry
* A 50% Discount off all eBooks by LaShanda Henry
* Video Tutorials on Web Design & Improving Your Web Skills
* Access to LHenry's series of e-Courses
* e-Projects that Members Can use to improve their websites and web skills
* A Custom profile page
* A Blog to Post Goals and Track Progress
* Access to a listing of the Best Web Tools and eBusinesss Resources
* Access to e-Industry Experts (Coming Soon)
* Networking Opportunities with other Web Entrepreneurs
* Unlimited Access to the Work and Web Women Audio Classes, create to help you learn how to work the web

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Make Money On the WKNH Network
Members can opt in to recieve a commission for refering new members to the network. Affiliate program details will be sent out after the official site launch.

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The WNKN Network is a sister site to Work and Web Women (www.workandwebwomen.com). Both founded by LaShanda Henry.

*Please note that LaShanda Henry reserves the right remove any member from this network for inappropriate conduct or infringing on the rights of other members.

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